Poutine is Love.

Once upon a time, I was a potato.  Then I tried being a zippo.  Then I decided I liked being a potato, so I cut myself into two potatoes and now I don’t know wtf I’m doing, but hey, let’s be friends!

Let’s play a game.

Well this is awkward! Come hang out and play Skippo, Hand & Foot, Greedy, Cheezy, Doodle, Cards Against Humanity, On-a-Roll, Simopolis, Lifestyle, Lexago, Blitz 31, Ludo… Ready to go? Here’s your taxi! 

I do stuff

For over ten years, I’ve been making art specifically for use within Second Life.  With a variety of real-life and digital techniques at my disposal, I compose paintings, digital photos,  graphics, and other images that ooze from my emotions, moods, and attitudes.  I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I suck at Artist Statements.  What you really want to do anyway is just see the stuff I make, right?

tl;dr I get it.

Other Stuff

When I’m not making art, I like to play table games, go on adventures, explore Second Life, people-watch at various hangouts and hubs, listen at live music events, and spend time with close friends.